You can call me Tae Ra, or Tara, or Tae.

Mmmh. I am an indecisive, angsty teenager with a lot of dirty thoughts who loves to write, read, watch, stalk, and sit by as the plane of life takes off…I write about my life, and other peoples’ lives, and my thoughts on stuff.


I’ll start by telling you guys a little bit about me (not that you care).

I’ll start by telling you that I am a girl by the name of Tae Ra. And I’m a strange girl, at that. My sister says I have a 4D-personality–as in I’m a crazy mofo. But she just says that because she’s the only one that knows the real me. I am crazy, stupid, smart, calm and collected, angry, angsty–just your typical teen (who hates any kind of Shepard’s Pie unless it comes from Costco).

Interest/s: I have interests in a lot of things like reading, music, school (sometimes), friends, food, life.

Like/s: I like to use emoticons. Especially the cat face: :3…..:3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 And the >_> face (whatever that means).
I like to make my ellipsis more than three periods (as seen above).
K-POP is my life. But I also like the cool stuff like Indie, Alternative, Rock, Pop.
I like to write stories. :3 And I think they’re pretty cool (until I rewrite them and change the whole story). I’ll let you guys read one once I post anything on wattpad….I’m planning on it, it just hasn’t happened.

Dislike/s: I hate it when people use the word ‘like’, like, ten times in the same sentence….like.

Random Fact/s: I use to love people with blue eyes but some of them really scare me (it’s the way their eyes always seem to be bulging out of their sockets!) ><
My family members call me PanicRoom because of how easily frightened I can be.
I study Korean because I’m good at it. Also, my dream is to make it big in South Korea and meet my favorite idols. I will achieve this dream! *^*
I probably curse more often than I think I do…..
I have an imaginary boyfriend…His name is Allen…He’s better than all the guys I know–and I mean all the guys. I’m not ashamed of him, either.

There. The more you know about me.

Hope you stick around to find out more about the stupid shit that happens in my life. It’s Summer, so not much will be happening from now on, but stuff hashappened. I’ll fill you in on the details tomorroooow.

Lee Tae Ra, signing out!


Think you’ve seen these words put together before? 😉 Well, it’s the exact same post as this one! 🙂 Go like it.

Go on.

Do it.

You know you waaaant toooo.


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